Newbury’s Next Top Model

24/01/2010 at 12:57 pm (Chasing Vegas, Guitars, Music)

Shiny silver Crafter guitar Newbury band Chasing Vegas Pete Shorney

Atop Donington's castle hill, Newbury, giving it some of that.

I do sometimes enjoy reading stuff on photography.  Not because I’m a keen photographer, nor am I overly good at taking an exceptional photo.

A great image is a very powerful device, and doesn’t necessarily capture a moment, but can also help to tell a further story.  For me, any image that fires the imagination is a great way to start to think about getting a good photo.  This isn’t all about the photographer, however – this is about my day as a model.

The band decided that we would go to one of the most famous landmarks in Newbury: Donington Castle.  Yes, EVERYONE gets photos taken there.  I’m sure it’s more than 80% of local bands have had their photos done in that very place.  Cliches aside, when the weather’s right, the light up there is stunning.

I was a little nervous as we got out of the cars and got our gear together.  There were an awful lot of people were around already.  We took a few test shots, and people were starting to show interest.  Funny thing there, I started to enjoy the attention.  Go figure.

In all that time, I was drawing on everything I’d been taught by Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model – seriously:  Smile with the eyes (smize), don’t lose your neck, be aware of the light…  I don’t think I did too bad a job, but it’s really hard not to look catalogue-y.

After all the jumping around, fun and nonsense, we got some really nice pics for Chasing Vegas.  I have to thank my good friend, Patrick Cronogue (@Browncoat535 on Twitter) for getting some awesome photos.

Anyway, I don’t see what those “top models” complain about – it’s a right laugh.

Chasing Vegas Newbury, UK rock band, Ben Smith drums, Dave Marshall bass, Pete Shorney guitar, Sam Wright vocals

Chasing Vegas L-R - Ben Smith, Dave Marshall, Pete Shorney and Samual Wright.



  1. Dragonlady said,

    Looking good! Your friend Mr. Wright has a very “steampunk” look ^^
    Been immersed in this (steampunk clothing) for weeks so it kind of caught my eye.

    • peacockpete said,

      Hah, thank you! Yes, Sam is very much the dandy of the band. Puts me to shame. He tends to cherry pick the eras, favouring the classic late 18 Century. Very steampunk indeed!

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