Trying To Diet – A New Chapter In Crazy

14/09/2010 at 8:06 am (Uncategorized)

I would say that almost everyone that’s reading this has tried dieting. I have a go every now and again, and it has become apparent that dieting is not a task I’m capable of. In the same way I know that I won’t be tackling underwater plumbing or becoming a tattooist, the act of enforced weight loss is beyond my capability.

This is about my attempt to lose weight to get into a rather nice waistcoat. I had a week in which to encase myself into the snug cotton and look astonishingly magnificent. A week. I figured if I could just lose an inch or two off my middle I could wear it comfortably. I should state that I do walk a lot, with an hour in total in my stroll to work and back, and 45 minutes yomp at lunchtimes. Weekends are usually spent walking everywhere too.

Anyway, armed with great advice for dieting, which was based upon cutting out carbohydrates, I started out with good intentions. I made myself a LOT of salad the first day, the Friday. The plan was to break it up into about three or four portions, and then have a couple more little meals when I got home. I need to add that this was all my decision based on some impressive levels of worry.

I had eaten the lot by 11.30am.

I’ve never had much luck with packed lunches, and if I have food by me I will eat it. Sat at my desk I don’t want to get up every 40 minutes to get something out of the fridge either. This plan was doomed. So I went with the idea of just cutting out the main source of carbs: Rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, all that business. That can’t be too hard, surely? I have to admit, I was starting to get a fair few headaches, and my mood was significantly poor.

On Saturday we took a stroll through the Thames Festival, a series of events and stalls along London’s South Bank. All those food stalls, those aromas; foods home grown and exotic. Oh bloody hell… I couldn’t resist it – French sausage on a bed of sautéed potatoes in white wine gravy. Just bliss…

So I’ve made a decision based on my shortfalls as a dieter. I know that I only tried a weekend of it, but it just didn’t feel right for me. This is partially my own indolence, but also knowing how it feels in my own skin. The decision I’ve come to is simple, and based on simple rules that’ll work for me. I think.

  • Only eat when hungry (not as obvious as this sounds.   Any bored snackers out there?)
  • Only eat junk food once a month on/around payday
  • Only cake/chocolate/crisps once a week
  • If there is a meal option available at that time that I like without carbs, I’ll have it

There, that’s my (probably) one and only diet based blog entry. For me, it’s so hard to get past the feeling that a diet is a punishment – you failed to be thin so you will suffer. Balls to that. When I can eat how I want to – not going crazy and gorging I mean – I feel mentally healthy.

When looking through the window of dieting I became obsessed with food. That’s not me at all. I like food – hell, I LOVE food – and it’s something that I enjoy.

So where does that leave the waistcoat wearing? I’ll get in it, or I won’t. End of.

Thanks to @originalsteve at A New Life In London for the pic!



  1. Elly said,

    Well as I’ve said is being thin worth being sad – NO. It’s ok as long as you are not unhealthy or too fat (in my opinion) which you are obviously not.
    I’m trying to diet too and these are my plans. To cut down cakes/biscuits/chocs to one or two pieces a small one rather than a whole packet/cake – this gives me still the taste of sugar. To try to reduce the amount of carbs I eat and to reduce the amount I drink. I will also scan menues when out and choose the healthiest that I like. I have got a few more ‘healthy’ snacks in because I do eat when feeling down, bored, thirsty etc etc – yep should prob drink more water. Anyway good luck. I haven’t brought any biscuits if you come over!

  2. peacockpete said,

    Sounds like a smart way of handling it too. Yup, biscuit avoidance will be pretty important! Good luck with it, Elly!

  3. Bag Lady said,

    Ah, dieting. I eat out a lot and I’m damned if I’m going to choose something healthy. Or stick to one course. Or not have wine….etc

    So this month I am setting a realistic target : no booze. Think of all those empty calories in half a bottle of wine or all those sugary cocktails. And the cider. Oh, and the port. And that quick “I deserve it” vodka after work. Should be easy. Shouldn’t it?

    • peacockpete said,

      They do say that ruling out the booze is about the best thing you can do. As far as I’m aware, some drinks are basically a pie in a glass. Vodka is apparently the “healthy” option. Vodka, lime and soda is about as good as you can get while still treating yourself. Go on, you can do it!

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