TV Theme Of The Week: UFO

05/10/2010 at 8:11 am (TV Theme Of The Week)

While this wasn’t Gerry Anderson’s first foray into live action, this was certainly his first full series not devoted to puppetry. Broadcast in 1970, UFO was a rather well written show mixed with great sci-fi hokum (I love the word “hokum”).

Not sharing the success of Anderson’s puppet series – particulary Thunderbirds, which was a huge hit in the States – UFO was dropped and reinvented. Gone was the connection to Earth, although the moonbase remained, and Space: 1999 was born.


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  1. Chris Davey said,

    Was one of the Tv series that inspired hours of Imaginary play for us back in the 70’s. We sat glued to the Set every Saturday or was it Sunday, when it was screened. Had all the toys, Interceptor, Mobile, Sky 1…prob worth a fortune if i still had ’em 😦

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