TV Theme Of The Week: The Goodies

03/11/2010 at 12:03 pm (TV Theme Of The Week)

If I could epitomise Great Britain in the 1970’s, package it up and show you what it was really like, you’d have something akin to the opening titles of The Goodies.

Created by Bill Oddie  (Oddie himself wrote all of the loopy songs and the show’s own theme), Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor, The Goodies came across as an amalgamation of Monty Python irreverence, satire and Saturday morning kid’s show.  Often using special effects, this was a BBC budget buster, but worth it. “Kitten Kong” stayed in the mind’s eye of millions of viewers for many, many years, and probably still does.  Brilliantly inventive, with shameless slapstick, The Goodies were the highlight of the week. As a family we could sit down and just bask in its abject silliness.

It probably also worked because each of The Goodies had their own on-screen persona: Tim Brooke-Taylor was the the very proper English gent, Graeme Garden was the boffin, and Bill Oddie was the young , subversive one – and the most popular among us kids.  In fact, it’s sometimes hard to reconcile how Bill Oddie is perceived on TV today.  Before his popular, softly spoken nature programmes, Oddie appeared to be the most wild individual on television at one time.  Still fondly remembered, it’s been 40 years since this wodge of nonsense hit the UK’s grateful screens, and I’m not sure that there’s been too many shows like it since.


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