TV Theme Of The Week: The Sweeney

01/12/2010 at 12:10 pm (TV Theme Of The Week)

“Get your trousers on – you’re nicked!”

There’s something about The Sweeney that’s different to the other shows among my TV Theme Of The Week posts. I actually remember it more for not watching it.

When The Sweeney came on, it was time to go to bed. Full of foul language (“bitches”, “bastards” and “bloodies” all over the place), this was not a fitting show for an under-10 to watch. The violence wasn’t too much of an issue though. I don’t think my parents were bothered by that.

This show features the direct inspiration for Life On Mars’ Gene Hunt, Jack Regan – played by the late, great John Thaw. Also, before his “write the feme toon, sing the feme toon” notoriety was housewife’s choice, Dennis Waterman. Like the show’s principal cast, Harry South’s score lights up a cigarette, kicks in your door, swaggers in and punches you. You slaaaaag.

The opening titles are short and sweet, and I recommend having a listen to one of the full versions online.

Nostalgia fans, check out that ThamesTV ident!


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