Manflu: a rant

22/03/2011 at 7:55 am (Manflu)

It’s a familiar scenario. You take your Lemsip – or whatever, out of a drawer – or wherever.

Colleague: “Uh oh, Manflu?”

Me: “I’m pretty sure it’s just a cold.”

Colleague: “Oh, you’re not well?”

Me: “Not great. Bit of a sore throat, sniffly… You know, coldy stuff.”

Colleague (rolling eyes): Oh, Manflu!

I would shout “ARGH!” but for the dozen or so rapiers that have rammed the discomfort into my throat. Bloody Manflu – a term so ingrained in our culture it’s become a watchword for almost any malady. In the same way as “a bit run down” isn’t really taken all that seriously, and you’ll be okay if you just slept properly.

You can poke your Manflu up your arse. I say this because a) I rarely get ill, and b) I tend to get on with stuff and come into work even when I am. And this action in itself is pretty stupid. I should be staying at home and not spreading it, but no, I don’t. Yet I clearly haven’t demonstrated the correct level of martyrdom required to crush this most idiotic of terms.

Why does it make me so annoyed? Because of the implication: Men don’t get ill. If they do, they’re obviously not properly ill, are they? Why should a man get ill? Everyone knows they only muck about all day.  Bugger the hell right off. Okay, it’s clearly been invented as some way of mocking those that might seem to be swinging the lead. And one off-hand, and probably funny -at-the-time, remark on a TV show has stuck. We now have this:


Well if that’s not taking the piss I don’t know what is. I’m surprised it’s not next to such similar products as “Floppyknob?” or “Male Pattern LOSER”. I know it’s a term that’s meant to be funny, but it isn’t any more. It’s short hand for making people feel like crap when they’re just trying to get on with it. Each time the term “Manflu” is levelled at someone, you’re effectively saying, “oh I’ve been MUCH more ill.”

Listen to that slow hand clap, especially for you.



  1. Fairywishes said,

    If you’re ill GO HOME take time off. The problem with Man Flu is the flu thing too many people male & female say they have flu when they have a cold so it’s really an issue with people saying flu. Also though we’re told we should work hard all the time & it’s companies not letting us live a decent life. No if you’re ill go home, rest you don’t owe it to try and work through everything.

    Big get better hug x

    • peacockpete said,

      It is the mis-naming. But it is just a cold. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow… 😉

      Thank you! x

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