20 Minutes

09/04/2011 at 3:36 pm (Uncategorized)

“it’ll be about 20 minutes, is that okay?”

I nod an agreement as the barman takes my food order. This is my first weekend on my own. It’s an odd feeling. I’m not bored. I rarely am, and have always enjoyed spending time alone. But since I’ve got back into the habit of sharing my leisure time with someone, a day on my own is something of a luxury. Perversely, it’s a luxury I wish I could share with him today.

It’s beautiful today. The sky is a clear blue and the ambient mood is good. I’m not even aggravated by the cacophony of the football that is invading my skull. Oh, I have my iPod on me! Even the overdrive of a guitar can’t quite tune out the shouts and inanity of the commentators, but my mood remains good.

I’m enjoying Newbury today. Like many places, the sunshine helps the mood of the populace, but here it just seems more so. Newbury has an all pervading sense of “sleeping where you eat”. Work, sleep, work, sleep; all broken up with weekend drinking. So many calendars marked out between a night of getting pissed.

But it’s a beautiful town. Or it will be when it’s finished… To think, it’s been a work in progress since what, the 15th century?

The pub is no more full than when I started writing, yet the roar from what I assume to be a goal is loud and spirited. It should annoy me, but it’s making me smile with its vitality today. I sip my Peroni and look round at the people inside and outside the pub. Animated conversations, quiet chat, half-smiles of contentment. A canal boat glides by. On its roof a young man and woman lying on their bellies reading books.

This should be a carefree day for everyone, as though switching on the sun makes the cockroaches of stress and drudgery scuttle into the corners, running scared. I’d like to think everyone can do this, just for one day. Step outside and shuck off all the negativity, all the bad stuff that holds us back…

Anyway, my food is here. I’ll catch you later.

Seems like someone’s scored another goal.



  1. Sujee said,

    Ah, lovely… Glad you are out enjoying the sun while it lasts. Its all smiley, happy people here in Hungerford too. I can even forgive the rather-too-much-cellulite-on-show-than-is-acceptable brigade today!

    We wandered around the High St this morning, peered over the bridge at the canal boats, trawled the charity shops and then adjourned for a cappuccino and a grunt over the newspaper in The Courtyard… bliss…

    • peacockpete said,

      That’s such a great image. It was perfect for all that this weekend. Glad you had a good time of it, Sue.

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