Freedom from thought. A happy holiday.

25/05/2011 at 11:00 am (Uncategorized)

I sat on the balcony of the apartment where I’m staying this morning. I wanted to see the dawn break, and threw open the curtains and opened one of the double doors. It was about 4:30, the air was cool, but comfortable. The hoody I threw on kept back any sharpness of a chill.

I watched the colours of the sky change, as the dusky pink horizon bled upwards into the dark. Slowly the night was vanquished as its boundaries were forced back and the light of the coming morning took hold. The pink turned to gold, and in that single hour I watched the sky reveal just a fraction of its wonders.

I drank in this dawn light from the sun, as it appeared over the ridge across from this apartment in Falmouth, I realised my mind was totally devoid of life’s pressures. I watched scars and bruises in the sky; vapour trails of planes scraping the rich purple grey clouds. Not a single thought about anything other seeing the first beams of shimmering light entered my mind.

How refreshing. How relaxing. What a lovely day it’s turning in to.




  1. archie_pelago said,

    That’s a nice bit of writing, despite my critical postscript.


    PS. “a fraction of it’s wonders.” – the apostrophe police would like to have a word 😉

    • peacockpete said,

      Yes, it would appear that my relaxed mindset let in a slip up. Will have myself pilloried at the next possible opportunity…


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