Do we still need Gay Pride?

29/06/2011 at 11:48 am (Gay, Gay Pride, Pride London)

It’s been a year since I experienced my first Gay Pride London.  I felt exhilarated and inspired, and felt that big changes were on the horizon.  I’d never really before felt quite as instilled with an awareness of the social and political landscape surrounding rights for the LGBT community.  And I’ve been keeping an ear to the ground since.

So what’s been achieved since last July?  One thing that’s becoming more prevalent is a resurgence in conflict it seems.  Individual hate crimes are nothing new, but the tectonic plates of old orders and gay rights seem to be scraping against each other more than ever before.  Perhaps it’s just that I’m more aware of it now, but I’m not so sure.

The most contentious of events is the subject gay marriage.  More and more places, be they countries, regions or states, make the decision to include a sector of their populace.  It is met – as expected – with aggression and annoyance from many quarters.  Still the old “blah blah blah Bible blah blah blah nature” opinion is lobbed around with all the imagination of a Rich Tea biscuit.  It’s a slow process, but I believe a sure one.

The other thing that has come out of the last 12 months is the remarkable It Gets Better project.  This amazing idea has spread like wildfire, with the famous, not-so-famous and infamous recording messages to LGBT youth.  Its aim is to prevent young people taking their own lives because of their fear from the world around them because of who they are.  This culminated in a TV ad for Google Chrome, broadcast a month or so ago.

And here’s where we are.  Major weight is put behind the message of LGBT equality, so is Gay Pride still important?  As we push for more equality more toes will be stepped on.  It’s still important to make this stand, show ourselves that we’re a very real community.

So all the best to those taking part in this weekend’s festivities!


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