Blogger’s block, or, “I was once a weak man…”

28/07/2011 at 9:20 am (Bogging)

“Well, once a week’s enough for any man!”

So goes the legendary interchange between Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques in Carry On Doctor.

We can all put a pressure on ourselves to blog, and I have told clients in the past about the importance of regular posts to keep content fresh. This is somewhat true, and it can just be a few words about an image or a video, it shows that the site is lively and has at least some new original content; it’s good for your site in the eyes of Google.

But what if you’re not a pro, and you’re doing this simply because you enjoy it? Is it important to keep writing stuff, even if you’re not inspired? I’m going to put my neck on the block here and say no. If you’ve started a blog to get some things off your chest, or for an interest, or just to write, then keep it fun. If you find you’re getting subscribers and feel that you’re writing solely to maintain their interest, it’s likely to lead to drier posts. You could end up losing subscribers anyway.

If you don’t feel inspired to write, there’s no need to. I’ve found myself getting caught in this trap, and there are a handful of rather lower quality posts on this blog because I’ve done this. Quality is far more important than quantity, and it’s becoming even more the case now for online content than ever.

When it comes to search rankings, Google’s Panda update has cut a swathe through certain sites where duplicate content is prevalent. It could be lots of the same product descriptions, or copied text about a brand. Also, there are a hell of a lot of bloggers out there. Doesn’t mean you can’t make your mark.

I found myself stuck in a reblogged circle jerk of Tumblr posts the other day. I’m not knocking Tumblr, and there’s some bloody good image content on there, but there’s also the danger that you can end up re-watching a GIF of Buffy and Angel, reading the word, “squee!” over and over.  It is easy to post things all over the Internet, but it’s not all great.

You can wait to be inspired, you can think about it, and formulate a good post that people will enjoy. Inspiration might come once a week, once a month, or once in a blue moon, but it’s better than frequently publishing something just to keep your hand in.



  1. robbiebonham said,

    I agree! Incidentally, when I posted my last blog entry here I got a message come up saying “This is your 27th post. Well done!”, or something to that effect. I wasn’t sure if WordPress was being condescending to me or not…lol. (I’m going for 30 by the end of the year, dammit!) 🙂

    • peacockpete said,

      I know, WordPress has started doing this slightly patronising tone when posts are written. I can almost feel my hair being ruffled.

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