The London Riots: Fearful times

09/08/2011 at 9:55 am (Current Affairs)

I got a text last night, very late. It was my boyfriend. The text held the details of his parent’s phone numbers. I exchanged mine.

We’ve been together a while, and although we’ve mentioned giving each other emergency numbers before, it’s never been seen through. Until now. Until the London Riots.

Call it a riot, call it civil unrest, call it organised violence. Whatever its root cause, it’s still terrifying. I’m lucky, I don’t live in one of the major cities that’s being effected by the violence that’s spilling out on the streets. My partner and my friends are getting on with it as best they can, but I know how I’d feel; the level of vulnerability, fear, anger and disappointment would be overwhelming.

No one should have to experience violence in the streets. I’m not posting this to make political points.  I think I’m writing this to stop me thinking about it all the time. I’m sure there’s an unending list of reasons why this has happened, but all we’re left with is the destruction of property and livelihoods by opportunist mobs.

I love London.  And while there’s the city, there’s also its people. Not all mindless thugs and looters, but the real lifeblood of the populace. It seems a bit cheeky to post this because I’m not living in London, or any other city affected by the riots, but there’s good work being undertaken to help with the aftermath by following the #riotcleanup on Twitter.

So to London, Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham, and anywhere else suffering this kind of senselessness, it seems like an anaemic thing to say, but I really do wish you well.

You will survive this.



  1. Christel Adina Loar said,

    Nicely said. And I am glad you and yours are safe today, wherever each of you may be.

  2. Dragonladych said,

    “but all we’re left with is the destruction of property and livelihoods by opportunist mobs.”
    My thoughts exactly. And how long before people get seriously hurt in these fires? I hope this stops soon. And hope your BF and family will be ok.
    I have many friends in London, and family too. I can’t help but worry a little.

    • peacockpete said,

      Thank you, and yes, it’s worrying to be away from friends when you’re so far away. I’m really hoping we’ve seen the back of it now.

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