The Importance of Coming Out and the Fears Behind It

04/01/2012 at 7:39 am (coming out, Gay) (, , , )

Last night, I received an e-mail from someone who wanted some advice regarding coming out, and some of the fears that it entailed. I replied, and realised that even though it wasn’t a particularly lengthy response, it was an honest one. It’s also important to point out that unfortunately, it’s not much easier for a man or woman to come out now than it was for me over 10 years ago.

I also came to the conclusion that some of it might help others, particularly teens:

“In regards to coming out, this is incredibly scary. I was terrified, and also thought I’d lose everyone that ever meant anything to me. I started with one close friend. Just one. Just someone I could trust. Parents can be very difficult, but also very surprising. Saying that, it’s not always easy, and everyone has different circumstances.

My mother was initially disappointed, but accepts me and my life, and welcomes my partner too. My family and friends love me whether I’m gay or straight. By coming out, even when it’s a scary, personal upheaval, the results are worth it. I found it made me feel more complete and balanced. I’m by no means Mr Wonderful, but it cleared up a lot of confusion and affected how I interacted with people for the better.

If you need further advice, have a look at the links below.


Also, it is worth talking to one of the helplines here: gaylifeuk


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