The Church of England: The Shakey Nail

12/06/2012 at 10:09 am (Uncategorized)

In light of the latest comments of the Church of England, there is understandably some outrage.

We’re all aware of the Church of England’s arguments about gay marriage, from marriage to be about procreation and needing a definition between straight and gay couples. We can also see where the C of E has hung its jacket on a particularly shakey nail.

It’s a bit much to take instruction on the definition of marriange from an institution formed to create divorce for a petulant monarch. And marriage for procreation? Bit of a slap in the face for childless couples and those who marry much later in life, no?

I will say here that I do not subscribe to any organised faith. My belief does not lie with any particular deity. So why do I care about getting married in the eyes of the church like a straight couple?

There should be no division. A same sex couple should not be denied any of the rights of couples of different sexes. It’s a fact. I can’t understand why marriage is seen as a ‘straights only’ club. That is, at its heart, segregation. It’s telling people, “oh, yes, you Gays, you can do whatever it is you do, but you’re simply not good enough to be married in the same way as your straight brother or sister, or your straight friends.”

Being gay does not make me worse than any other human on this planet. I’m am no more morally reprehensible than you. There seems to be an assumption that there should be a definition between the rights of sexes and sexual orientation.

There also seems to be an assumption that all gay couples aren’t Christian. Think about that, Church of England. Think about those people you’re letting down. It’s not a difficult change to make, it just takes time. Religious leaders are also teachers. C of E, teach about Love, not segregation and inequality.


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  1. Dragonladych said,

    There’s a lot I’ll never understand. For instance if a man is a rapist he can still marry any woman he likes and it’s OK? And parents who abuse their child are still allowed to be married?
    I stopped trying to understand some humans long ago.

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